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Legal Notices
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In this website, the data, information and others is provided by CHINA SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED(CSICL)
(hereinafter referred to as"CSICL" or "the company"), and please be sure you have read the following terms carefully before you use the Site. if continuing to enter this web, read the contents, download the information and any information in this web,it is considered as you have understood and fully agree with the contents of the Terms of Service, . It is the agreement between you and us. If you don’t agree with any of the following terms, please stop visiting the Sites immediately. the company reserves the right of updating the terms without noticing at any time, and these terms have also the constraint for you.

This website only provides information for reference, and shall not be used for any illegal or any commercial, or in any not accord with the following clauses. The information in the web has not the right to buy, sell or holding invitation of shares or other purpose. It is considered as knowing above position that any person refer to this website.

Rights statement

The right of domain,tradename, trademark, text, information, graphic design, graphics, design, image, sound, processes, procedures and other contents in this web are enjoyed and retain by CSICL, this right is protected by General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China and related law, regulation, and normalizative document of law. Without the written consent of CSICL, can not be copied and transfered by any way. Any action that is against the above right may result in undertaking civil or administrative or criminal responsibility.


Our company has tried the best effort to examine the content of the web, but our company does not provide any express or implied about the content the accuracy, timeliness, validity, stability, usability, not to infringe upon others' right, Does not guarantee stability of the web server and network, not guarantee browsing, reading, copying and use at any time, not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of text, graphics, materials, links, explanation, statement or others, and also no printing, copy and inputing mistakes. CSICL can change the content at any time without notice, but not guarantee to update in time and making updating notice.

Our company and senior managers, employees, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assignees are not responsible directly and indirectly for anyone about infomation transmit failures. Within the scope of the law, our company can not undertake compensation for direct, indirect, incidental, affiliate, special, punitive or exemplary damages that provided infomation or any link in the web.(including not limited to loss of revenue, the loss of expected profit and loss of business, information data loss and property loss, etc.)

Predictive statement

The information of the web may include some predictive statement. These statements has considerable risk and uncertainty essentially. This kind of predictive statements are included but not limited to: the business, operating and extension strategy of the firm, future business and its growth prospects, the future financial condition, the change of future competition environment, the influence of the company's business and industry, the future development of Mainland shipping, and future business development of our company and related statements of business performance.

"Expected," "believe", "estimation," "expected," , "understanding" and "plan", "potential", "outlook", "may", "will", "probably", "should" and other similar words, being aimed at predictive expression. CSICL has no obility to update forward-looking statement. These statement are not the guarantee of future development, due to the influence of risk and uncertainty,
the actual performance may be different with predictive statements because of many factors.

Privacy Protection

The company respects the users' privacy and will not collect any user's personal data without written consent of users in web. Our company promises that users' E-mail, information and address, mastered due to the needs of the service, are not provided to any third party without users' permission.


Without CSICL's written consent, any company or individual can not build the hyperlink of all or part of the web in their own web.

Any links to third-party's on this Sites is just as a convenient service to you and it shall not mean that such information is endorsed or recommended by BYD, nor is used for publicity or advertising purposes.


Any disputes arise from this content or using the Site shall be governed and construed by the People’s Republic of China. If any terms is illegal due to alteration of People’s Republic of China Law, the parties will be agree to modify the above terms by "CSICL".

"CSICL" has the rights to interpret this statement and the use of the Site when necessary.

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