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Company introduction
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1、Company introduction

    CSICL is authorized by State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission,  registered in State Administration For Industry and Commerce in March 18, 2008, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation(CSIC)、Anshan Iron And Steel Group Corporation、China Aerospace Science And Technology Corporation launched the establishment of limited liability company. According to the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company released 1.995 billion shares to the public by public offer in December 2009. It is listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in Dce 16, 2009. After the issue is completed, the firm's total shares is 6.651 billion, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation holds 65.13% of the company shares.

    According to the modern enterprise system and laws and regulations of capital market, the company establishes a scientific and perfect management system and governance structure. In the headquarter there are 8 functional departments to manage 28 wholy-owned and holding subsidiary company, including r&d, production and management, financial, investment, capital operation and so on. And in accordance with laws and regulations requirement of security competent department, seeting up special organizations to unified management investor relations work, information disclosure and other business, forming a good interaction with capital market.

    By 30 June 2010, the total asset reaches 42.279 billion yuan, owners' equity is 21.612 billion yuan. In the first half year of 2010, the company operating profit is 0.953 billion yuan, year-on-year earnings growth is 45.45%, the total profit is 0.98 billion yuan, year-on-year earnings growth is 17.48%, shareholders of listed companies is vested in the net profit of 0.797 billion yuan, year-on-year earnings growth is 15.92%.


2、Company business characteristics and competitive advantage

(1)、Our strongest and largest naval ships equipment supplier

    CSICL is the first listed company that obtains the approval of National Defense Technology Industry Ministry in the A share capital market at present. Now, CSICL has its own a lot of high quality scientific research achievements and their own core technology in ship-borne weapons equipment key technology and ships with matching products technology. The products include warship diesel engine and components, ship-borne weapons launchers, navigation equipment, communication equipment, military ruggedized computer, transmission device and other military warships equipment.

    Controlling share holder CSIC is the major research and supplier for Chinese navy ship equipment, occupies 80% Chinese navy ship equipment market share. Controlling shareholders' subsidiaries  Dachuan group, Bohai group is the only military enterprise to produce large surface and underwater strategic naval ships. Alonging with big shareholders of military asset injecting in 2010, the ratio of company ships supporting and ship equipment value and the total cost is increased more than 50%, it is really a realization of army-civilian integration, and keeping as a leader of A share military listed corporations in China for a long time.

    In future quite long times, construction of national navy  is still in the high speed period of expansion with the navy is changed from "brown-water navy" to "blue-water navy".  As a mainstay of construction of national navy, CSICL will be benefit to development of navy for a long time.


(2)、China's shipbuilding industry's dominant force, by the capital market to increase competitiveness

    CSICL is as largest  ship equipment enterprises as it is listed flagship. Occupying market leading position in the field of marine power and components, marin auxiliary and other traditional ship equipment business. But for a long time, ship equipment has been bottlenecks of our shipping industry development, as the leader of business CSICL increases input for scientific research by the capital market, effective improving the developing bottleneck, improving the competitiveness of the whole Chinese ship equipment.

    According to the capital developing strategy of controlling shareholders CSIC, the comapny implemented the significant assets reorganization. It will increase shipbuilding, ship mating, and ship repair business in the field of ship industry.  The company is engaged in the production and operation activities include: low middle-speed diesel, promoting and transmission device, diesel engine key components, deck machinery, cabin machinery, oil treatment equipment, marine casting and forging and other ship mating equipments, the r&d, manufacturing, modification and repair of oil tanker, container ship, bulk carrier, special ships, all kinds of ship.


(3)、Adjusting the business strategy layout, powerful developing non-maritime business

    To resist business risks of strong cyclical fluctuations of ship industry, the company constantly firm traditional Marine business and military business, replying on technology advantages of military production and Marine equipment manufacturing that are long-term accumulative by themselves, expanding to no-marine business areas actively. Through technology innovation and management pattern innovation to improve efficiency constantly, further expanding traditional product output of non-maritime business, fast enlarging market scale, and gradually form economies of scale. Actively pursue new market and new products, and constantly promote reasonable adjustment of industrial structure.

    The company will be long engaged in developing of no-marine business including ocean engineering, wind power and nuclear power and continuously consolidated its own industry leading edge.

    At present, in the field of ocean engineering, the company has the production capacity of drilling platform, drilling ship, FPSO, offshore special ships,  all kinds of Marine engineering module, offshore facilities and other kinds of Marine engineering equipment. The company is base on existing platform and technology, completing R&D of different kinds and different water depths drilling platform, forming product seriation and large volumes. Through building  drilling ship and FPSO, further expanding the market share of the Marine engineering, strengthening building of all kinds of offshore modules, gradually realizing large-scale module integration.

    In he field of energy and transportation equipment, it has wind gear box, blade grain, wind yaw device, wind change propeller devices and so on that are the main wind accessory equipment, and nuclear class emergency generator, design and R&D productivity of nuclear power plant water treatment system, prodcuting high technology high iron equipment, subway equipment, urban light rail equipment, railway wagon, engineering special car, special truck and other transportation equipment.

    The company has been formed shipbuilding and warship facilities, ship equipment, ship repair, ocean engineering equipment, energy and transportation equipment and other five business sectors. Before 2015, it is striving to do that non-maritime business and military business will be above 55% of company all business, business structure is more robust.


(4)、The strong national scientific and technological research and development capabilities

    At present, CSICL owns four national enterprise technology centers, two national defense science and technology and industry enterprise technology centers, a national defense science and technology and industry and r&d application center,
the largest hard surface gears transmission device development production base in China, nine provincial technical centers and so on strength research institutions, acquiring 9 national national defense Science and Technology Progress Award.

    5 subsidiary companies are  important makers of national related industry standard. Wholly-owned subsidiary SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company occupies 70% shares of domestic seawater electrolysis anticorrosive antifouling device, relying on 20 years  rich experience, to research and develop the most advanced technology of ballast water.

    CSIC is the leading force of domestic shipping manufacture, and has strong r&d strength and strong technical level, owns  28 of 30 national military ship scientific research institutes, it represents national top level in navigation, communication, acoustic, optic, ship electronic, new materials, etc and many professional discipline. Owning research and development production capacity of 180 hundred DWT tons bulk carrier, 388 hundred DWT tons ore ship, 320 hundred DWT tons super-large tankers, 10000TEU container ships, large roro, JU2000 drilling platform, the first world's ocean windmill installation ships and so on.

    As injecting high-quality property and scientific and technological strength of controlling shareholders, the ability of company in shipbuilding, ships supporting, ocean engineering and energy and transportation equipment will be further improved, the lead advantage will be more stable in the industry.


3、company development stratagy

    According to capital market developing strategy of CSIC "the whole listed, implement step by step, supporting and technology industry as first", It is listed in the A share in Dec 2009, realized the first step of capital developing strategy. 

    After DSIC、BHSIC、BSIC and SHGSIC inputed share, CSICL has run five business sectors shipbuilding and ship mating, ship equipment, ship repair, ocean engineering equipment, energy and transportation equipment. becoming the only industry chains ship and ocean engineering manufacturing enterprise, keeping the leader positiong of military listed corporations in asset scale, business revenue, profit and market value.

    In the future, the company will give full play to the advantages of military technology,  vigorously to adjust the industrial structure, further to complete high technology content ships, ocean engineering and energy and transportation equipment r &d and production system, through industrial reorganization to realize compound growth of connotative and denotative, becoming the domestic the strongest and biggest, the international first-class ships and ship equipment, ocean engineering and energy and transportation equipment enterprises.

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